If happens during the setup procedure, go to Section 1.

If happens after mounting it outside, go to Section 2.

Section 1. The camera fails to join the network during the initial setup

Here are questions which may help you to shoot the issue.

Q1. Did you put your A7 camera within a 3-5 ft distance with the router?

If not, move the camera closing to the router in the distance of no longer than 3-5 ft. Follow the Quick Guide 'Setup by Hybrid' to complete the setup.

You can either find the Quick Guide in your box or download it by clicking the following link.

HiKam A7 Quick Guide (PDF)


Q2. Have you tried the Hybrid Setup mode by using an Ethernet cable

If not, see the answer to Q1.

Q3. During the Hybrid setup procedure, when you use an Ethernet cable to connect the A7 to the router, can you see

a. the yellow LED on the cable connector is flashing

If not, the connect between the camera and the router is still off. Double check to ensure both two ends securely connected. You can also try other ports on the router.

b. Did the app auto detect the camera? 

The following picture depicts an auto detection. Notice the string 'Discvoer x New Device' in the picture.

If not, check the list below:

- Your mobile phone must connect to same router or same LAN with the camera cable connects with.

Otherwise the app cannot discover the camera automatically.

- Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router.

Otherwise the camera cannot get IP address automatically and then join the LAN.

If the DHCP has been enabled on the router, but you didn't see camera online. Go to web control of the router, find the DHCP Client list on the router, check if there is client with MAC start with '3C 33', which is the MAC of A7.  

--If there is no such MAC in the list, try reboot the router, sometime the DHCP on the router can not work normally. Or you need to check the MAC filter settings below.

--If you find the MAC in the list, however your camera is still offline, check in the router settings, to confirm the device with this MAC is allowed to access internet.

- Make sure NO MAC filter enabled on your router. Or you need to disable MAC filter temporially before successfully config camera.

Othewise the camera can not join the LAN.

Q4. When you switch from Ethernet to WIFI on the app, it will ask for WiFi password, make sure the provided WiFi password is correct. Otherwise,

you will see an incessant spinning on the dispaly (depicted in the picture). The camera gets offline.

To solve the spinning issue, unplug the Ethernet cable and plug back again. Wait for a while. The camera will go online through the Ethernet cable.

Q5. If the provided WiFi password is correct, but you still cannot connect to the WiFi with an incessant spinning displayed on the app. Please check

a. Whether DHCP is enabled and MAC Filter is not used. You can regardless this check if the camera can join the network with an Ether cable through the same router.

b. The WiFi Encryption is WPA/WPA2-PSK, either AES or TKIP encryption is OK.

If you are not using WPA/WPA2, you are probably using WEP, which is quite old technology and not safe nowadays. It has been replaced by WPA/WPA2. It is recommended to use WPA/WPA2 now.

c. WIFI Channel needs to set as AUTO in order to avoid busy channels.

Please run the following operations.

Reboot the router. Wait the router power up and work normally. Then launch the app , go to Settings >Network Settings.

In the Network Settings, check the WIFI List page, check the WiFi Signal bar of target WiFi network is 4 or 5. If it is 3 or less, contact HiKam Support US. If the signal is good, try to switch again.

Section 2. See 'camera offline' or 'Time out' when I mount it outside

- Make sure you have completed the initial setup indoor first. 

If not, check on the guide guide 'Setup by Hybrid' to complete the initial setup then mount it. Or check it online here Setup by Hybrid

- Check the WiFi antenna correctly connects to WiFi connector and fastened

- Put the A7 back to close to the router. Put A7 to a place about 9 ft to 15ft away from the router with no obstacles. 

  Go to the app, 'Device List'--> 'settings' of that camera --> 'Network Settings', check the wifi strength icon of target WiFi network. 

  The WiFi Signal bar is 4 or 5. If it is 3 or less, contact HiKam Support US.


- Check the WiFi Strength of desired mounting place before mounting.

   >If you are using Android phone , you can use WiFi Analayzer to check the strength. 

    Go to this URL Check WIFI Strength about how to check the WiFi strength. 

   >If you are using iPhone or iPad, there is no proper tools to correctly measure the WiFi strength. However, you can check it by this experience table below to get a roughly estimation.


Number of Bars on iPhone/iPad Roughly Estimation of WiFi Strength  Working condition For Camera A7
   Three bars   
    0dbm to -70dbm     
 It is OK for place with three bars.  
Two bars
 -70dbm to -85dbm    
For two bars, the connectivity to WiFi should be OK.
It is not recommended for long time HD video surveillance.
There may be disconnect or timeout when the signal become worse.
Recommend to add a repeater or router close by.

one bar
 -80dbm to -90dbm    
For one bar or zero bar, A7 cannot work or connect at this place.
Recommend to change a place with better signal, 
recommend to add a repeater or router close by
zero bar 
-90dbm to -100dbm    
For one bar or zero bar, A7 cannot work or connect at this place.
Recommend to change a place with better signal, or adding a router close by. 

  If you would like to measure the wifi strength by Windows PC, there are several software tools available including inSSIDer , Wi-Fi inspector and NetStumbler. The later two are free and the first one cost monthly fee. However, it provides the most robust feature set.

If still 'offline' or 'time out' issue after troubleshooting, just feel free to contact us by sumbitting a ticket here or 

just email us : service.us@hi-kam.com . Our support team and engineers are always ready to support.