1. What to check.

We found that some Wi-Fi routers do have compatibility issues with our AirLink setup mechanism. Here is the non-compatible router list:

  • Arris TG1682G

If your Wi-Fi router is in the above list, you need to set your camera up with an Ethernet cable. After the setup is achieved you can switch to WLAN/Wi-Fi. Refer to "(HiKam A7) Setup with Cable".

If your Wi-Fi router is not in the list, it's up to you to decide what are next steps. For a quick setup you can switch to the cable mode. After setup you can switch to WLAN/Wi-Fi.

Or you can shoot the trouble by the following checking.

First check if your camera

  • is powered on. The power indicator at one end of the HiKam A7’s dangling cable should light up.
  • is broadcasting setup signals. You should hear the camera beeping. Reset the camera if no beeping is heard.
  • is in an area with sufficient Wi-Fi reception. Ideally the camera, the mobile device, and the Wi-Fi router should be within approximately nine feet.

Second, check if your Wi-Fi router

  • has the Internet access. Open any Web site from your mobile device to verify.
  • supports the 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n.
  • enables the SSID Broadcast, and the broadcasted SSID is not duplicated with other SSIDs used by your neighbors.
  • disables the MAC filter. If you have set up a MAC filter turn it off temporarily for the time you are setting up your camera.
  • has DHCP enabled
  • is not using security modes other than WPAWPA2-PSK and WPA2-AES.
  • disables the “Guest Access” option “Only surfing and mailing” if existed.
  • has the correct configuration on channel decision. It should be configured to “Automatic”.

You may want to power off and then power on your Wi-Fi router to remove abnormal.

2. Have tried everything but the device still does not work.

If everything looks good but you keep failing on setup with AirLink, we are here to help. Please provide the following information:

  • Did the camera beep after resetting?
  • Did the camera give out a “Dong” sound after you typed in the Wi-Fi password?
  • What is the router model?
  • Who is your Internet provider?
  • What is the distance between the camera and the router?

To contact us click Submit a request at the upper-right corner of our Support Web page or email us at service.us@hi-kam.com.