You can easily to add the camera to your 2nd phone if

  • You've successfully set up your camera.
  • Your camera is currently in your network.

When adding the camera to your 2nd phone, no need for any setup operation such as AirLink, or smarscan, or Cable.

The procedure is as following.

  1. Download the HiKam App on the 2nd mobile phone. Search keyword 'Hikam camera' on App Store or Google play to find it.
  2. Register a new account on the HiKam App on the 2nd phone.
  3. Let the 2nd phone connect to the same Wi-Fi as the camera connecting with. Wait for serveral seconds, the HiKam App will automatically discover the camera as below (snapshot from iPhone6+).
  4. Tap the 'Discover 1 New Device'. Follow the procedure. You will be asked to name it and input the camera password, which is the one you changed during setup. If the password is correct then you will see the camera showing in the 'My Camera'.
  5. Now you can follow the live videos from the camera.

If the auto discovery does not work, or your 2nd phone are on other Wi-Fi networks, you can refer to Manual Add Camera to HiKam App