In real world the Wi-Fi technology isn't perfect. Consequently, you may have "blind spots" with low or no coverage in your house or business. If your camera is mounted at a blind spot, you either cannot connect with your camera or have an unhappy experience on watching live video. Make sure a -70dBM Wi-Fi signal strength (to transmit video in real time) for your camera.

How to detect blind sports and view Wi-Fi signal strength

Simply speaking, you can use a Wi-Fi analyzer app to detect blind spots, scan and view the Wi-Fi signal strength. There are many apps available on iOS or Android mobile devices You can choose whatever you like or which you are familiar with. If you don't have any preferences, continue to read the following article.

An android device will be a perfect choice because there’s a high quality analytic app, WiFi Analyzer, available for free. This app can tell you not only the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network but also provide information about the strength and operating channel of other networks in the area. That’s very important because interfere between multiple networks can cause the blind spot.

You may choose our HiKamPC software, which is running on Microsoft Windows, to watch videos. On the Windows operating system there are several software tools available including inSSIDer , Wi-Fi inspector and NetStumbler. The later two are free and the first one cost monthly fee. However, it provides the most robust feature set.

For iOS, Apple has its own app to scan and view the information of Wi-Fi network in the area, as well as the channel spread for possible interference. What you need to do is to download the Airport Utility to you phone, go into the global settings pan for the app, and turn on the W-Fi scanner. Back in the app, simply tap Wi-Fi Scan in the upper right corner to see what networks are nearby.