When watching the live video stream, the communication between your HiKam app and the camera can be carried via LAN, WAN, or cellular network depending on how the app obtains data packets. We pride ourselves on providing service wherever you are with no configuration changes.

The HiKam cameras support ONVIF. To users who plan to use ONVIF clients we have a list for you to choose (See "How to connect with ONVIF clients"). If you are currently using an ONVIF client that isn’t in our list and have interests in our cameras, feel free to contact us at service.us@hi-kam.com. We are happy to test and ensure no interoperability issues.

The video security and webcam software--BlueIris--is widely used in the surveillance field. You can use BlueIris to connect to your HiKam camera and watch live streams. More tests are ongoing in order to check the full compatibility. We will keep you up to date by updating How to watch live streams with BlueIris.